She changed the world.
Rest in peace ❤️

CA: FJup6BbEBoCeFJZtqW4qcaqABLco5SkV8683do38P9tu

Reflecting on Kabosu

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu whose image became synonymous with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and the "Doge" meme, passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy that transcended the internet. Adopted from a shelter in 2008, Kabosu's expressive, endearing face captured the hearts of millions online, symbolizing humor, positivity, and the whimsical side of internet culture. Her image not only sparked countless memes but also played a pivotal role in the rise of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency initially created as a joke but later used for charitable endeavors and community projects. Kabosu's life reminds us of the unexpected ways in which animals can touch human lives and become icons of cultural phenomena.

How to buy

Create a wallet
Download phantom or your wallet of choice from the app store or Google Play for free. desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to Phantom.

Get some SOL
Have sol in your wallet to switch to $KABOSU. if you don’t have any sol, you can buy directly on phantom, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

Go to Raydium
Connect to Raydium. go to raydium in google chrome or on the browser inside your phantom app. connect your wallet. paste the $KABOSU token address into raydium, select $KABOSU and confirm. when phantom prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.

Switch sol for $KABOSU. we have zero taxes so you don’t need to worry about buying with a specific slippage.